pride1 W3S3 [praıd] n
1¦(feeling of pleasure)¦
3¦(too much pride)¦
4 take pride in your work/appearance etc
5 somebody's pride and joy
6 the pride of something
7 have/take pride of place
[: Old English; Origin: pryde, from prud 'proud']
a feeling that you are proud of something that you or someone connected with you has achieved
He wore his medals with pride.
pride in
He takes great pride in his children's achievements.
The people have a sense of pride in their community.
His heart swelled with pride when his daughter came in.
She felt a glow of pride when her name was announced for the prize.
Success in sport is a source of national pride .
2.) ¦(RESPECT)¦[U]
a feeling that you like and respect yourself and that you deserve to be respected by other people
→↑proud sb's pride
It hurt his pride when his wife left him.
I think that getting a job would give him his pride back .
She didn't try to hide her anger and injured pride .
It's a matter of pride for some men that their wives don't have to work.
a belief that you are better than other people and do not need their help or support
→↑proud sb's pride
His pride wouldn't allow him to ask for help.
She ought to swallow her pride (=ignore or forget her feelings of pride) and call him.
4.) take pride in your work/appearance etc
to do something very carefully and well, in a way that gives you a lot of satisfaction
Your should take more pride in your work.
She took great pride in her appearance.
5.) sb's pride and joy
a person or thing that someone is very proud of
His garden is his pride and joy.
6.) the pride of sth
a) the thing or person that the people in a particular place are most proud of
Wigan's rugby team was the pride of the town.
b) the best thing in a group
a beautiful Japanese sword that is the pride of our collection
7.) have/take pride of place
if something has or takes pride of place, it is put in the best place for people to see because it is the thing you are most proud of
A large photograph of the children had pride of place on the sitting room wall.
8.) ¦(LIONS)¦
a group of lions
A young lion had strayed some distance from the pride.
COLLOCATES for sense 1
with pride
great/immense pride
take pride in something (=feel proud of something)
a sense of pride
glow with pride/feel a glow of pride/your heart swells with pride (=feel very proud)
national pride (=a feeling that you are proud of your country)
civic pride (=a feeling that you are proud of your town or city)
pride 2
pride2 v
pride yourself on (doing) sth
to be especially proud of something that you do well, or of a good quality that you have
a restaurant that prides itself on speed of service
She prides herself on being a good listener.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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